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Klartext | Tableau Reader End User License Agreement
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Tableau Reader End User License Agreement

Tableau Reader End User License Agreement @BlueCanaryData @tableau No estimate of a date, sorry. I signed up for Tableau Online this week. To understand why it was a great thing for me, let me give you a background. First of all, I like the painting. I`ve been a big user for over 5 years. If you are doing some kind of data conflict, I ask you to try it. Even though Excel is and has always been a great tool for studying data, Tableau is in a completely different league. It allows you to see data in so many ways with so little effort, to experiment/feel/flip/play. This is a great advantage if you are trying to understand the story behind a data set. The biggest compromise I`ve always said on Tableau is that it`s a great analyst tool (to study data), but it`s a bad enterprise data tool (to share data with others). If you create phenomenal visualizations, your sharing options are limited: if you`re in the scenario where you`ve done great analytics and want to share with 2 or 3 others, your options are very limited.

That is, until Tableau online arrives. Table (smart) allowed users to acquire essentially individual licenses from a hosted table server instance. Now I don`t need to host the software and I pay $500/user/year for anyone who wants to access the visualizations. Table Desktop Pro – Data Analytics and Visualization Software. The app allows users to combine a wide variety of dynamic tables and databases, as well as create interactive visualizations and information panels based on them, thanks to the ease with the support of swiping and depositing objects with the mouse. Programming knowledge is optional. So I had a great application case for Tableau Online this and I went with the purchase of some user licenses. I bought three seats — two to publish Blue Canary employees and see one for a client.

The buying process was pretty harmless, and I expected Setup to go well because I was familiar with Tableau Server. When I started the setup process, I received the dreaded „Click here to indicate that you agree to our terms and services.“ As a customer data manager, I can`t do iTunes and check the box blindly. So I`m going to read the CLA before I accept it. And lo and behold, I got to section 2.6 and I did a bit of a double take: Hats off to @tableau for the update to Table Online EULA. They indicated that they only aggregate metadata. thx I don`t love you so much anymore, @tableau. The EULA for Tab Online allows you to aggregate my data anon AND TO POSSÉDER. Oh, really? I think I`ll write another one about how to choose the license model, unless you have a few specific questions. @mjshark @tableau We use aggregated metadata to understand and vote Tableau Online.

But we don`t see customer data – it`s up to you. Knowledge of the data is desirable, but not necessary. If one of your tasks is to create dynamic tables, try doing it with Tableau. I don`t know if it`s just me or if everyone else has problems with your website. It seems that some of the texts written in your contributions are runninbg from the screen. Can someone else tell me if that is what is happening to them? This coluld bbe a problem with my browser, because I had already done so. I`ll get it. A lot of people got this metadata thing from last year`s NSA Kerfuffle. I would do the same if I were Tableau. How many lines/bytes of data are there in Tableau`s online viewing? How often is the data available? What is the response time /latency for queries? Tableau can access all this information without ever „looking“ at my data.

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