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Klartext | Research Cooperation Agreement Template
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Research Cooperation Agreement Template

Research Cooperation Agreement Template

If, in general, only employees of the Institute are listed as inventors, the Institute owns the invention. If only the company`s employees are listed as inventors, the company owns the invention. However, if at least one member of the staff of the establishment and one employee of the enterprise are listed as inventors, the invention belongs to both the establishment and the enterprise. Whether the patent application is made in a first-to-invent country or in a first-generation country, it is important to address the issue of patent ownership in a well-written cooperation agreement. However, the rights granted under the patent are just as important as the ownership of the patent. The second part of well-developed research cooperation is called the declaration of work. This can sometimes be called a research plan. It describes the research that the parties propose to undertake and includes the approaches and methods used. Most importantly, this part of the agreement determines who is responsible for what and sets the deadlines for the completion of each part of the research project.

Each objective of the tender specification should be followed by a description of the methods and approaches to be used to address the relevant scientific issues. In addition, each objective must have a very clear understanding of what each partner (the Institute`s scientists and the company`s scientists) will do separately and collaboratively. This statement of responsibilities is perhaps the most critical element of a research agreement, as without a clear understanding of responsibilities, partners may have unrealistic expectations and be frustrated. If one does not know who will conduct each experiment, both parties can sit back and wait in vain for the other to produce something. It can never be stressed enough that it is very important to subdivide each of the scientific objectives of the specifications into tasks and to make it clear who is responsible for each of them. Licensee(s) A party that obtains rights under a license agreement. A joint research agreement can become a long-term document. However, they should not think that this is a grant application that can be 20, 30, 40 pages or more. A collaborative research agreement is not intended to convince an external party that the work is worthwhile and should not show that one of the cooperating scientists is a quality researcher. On the contrary, the research that the partners will carry out should be clearly stated.

A specification should therefore be only as long as it should be to ensure that both parties know what is expected of them. A typical agreement consists of 10-15 pages, and the specifications often do not exceed two or three pages….

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