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Klartext | How To Handle A Disagreement With Your Boyfriend
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How To Handle A Disagreement With Your Boyfriend

How To Handle A Disagreement With Your Boyfriend

Conflict is also an opportunity to learn more about your partner and love them on an even deeper level. Learn to see conflicts as transitions to something better rather than reasons to withdraw. The next time you disagree with your partner and wonder how to save your relationship, choose to see what`s positive about the situation and not the negativity, and actively decide to move toward a more stable future. Compromises are an important part of conflict resolution and any successful relationship, but it can be difficult to achieve them. Alternately make decisions about things like what you`re supposed to eat for dinner or find a happy medium that will allow both of you to be satisfied with the result. Do you want to eat healthy and your spouse only wants fast food? Eat healthy. Stonewalling is about withdrawing from the interaction while remaining in space. This means not giving indications that you hear, but actively avoiding conversation with uninterintering body language. In most cases, when people`s stone walls, they are physiologically flooded. This means that they have a heart rate above 100 BPM and have made an unhealthy attempt to calm down. You can avoid stone walls by calming down. You can calm down by breathing deeply or asking for a short break to do something relaxing to lower your heart rate. Return to the interaction in a calmer and more receptive state.

Most of the time, your partner isn`t intentionally trying to hurt you, and being hurt is a byproduct of that action. Of all the negative things they can do and say during a conflict, the worst may be contempt. Gottman has discovered that this is the main predictor of divorce.3 Contemptuous remarks are those that demean your partner. This can include sarcasm and name. It can also include non-verbal behaviors such as eye rolls or smiles. Such behavior is extremely disrespectful and implies that you are disgusted with your partner. I am a peacemaker and your article is wonderful. Thank you for sharing your knowledge….

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