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Klartext | End User License Agreement Xilinx
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End User License Agreement Xilinx

End User License Agreement Xilinx

Open the IP catalog in Vivado IDE and view the License column of the IP catalog. Any LogiCORE IP Core software that has the required license for the Xilinx installation indicates the word „included“ in this column. Each LogiCORE IP core for which the user must purchase an additional license in order to use the IP address indicates the word „purchase“ in this column. Yes, the FLEX license works with all versions, updates, or service packs of the software that will be released before the version limit expires. A network floating license allows a user to use a license from any computer that can access the identified license server. An encrypted „key“ is bound to a license server host on which the FLEX license server daemon is run. The license is „counted“, which means that the FLEX license manager tracks the number of „jobs“ hosted by this server. I need something more formal that says there won`t be a problem with installing the WebPACK on a corporate computer. This is a requirement of my IT department.

I know there is no license, but it needs a real answer from me and a contribution from almost 10 years ago will not cut it. They say they have gone through the EULA and FAQ, and they find nothing that explicitly says that the software can be installed on a Corperate computer without restriction on its use in a commercial or non-commercial environment. To download and install the design tool, you must sign up for The download and installation tool is then at your disposal. You are fully responsible for any User Content, if any, that is uploaded, posted, emailed, forwarded, or otherwise made available through your account. We do not control the User Content posted by you or other users of the Site and therefore do not guarantee the accuracy, integrity or quality of the User Content. Although Xilinx does not review User Content in advance, Xilinx reserves the right to determine whether User Content is appropriate and complies with these Terms and may at any time filter, restrict, block, move, refuse, edit or delete User Content at any time, without notice. Xilinx does not guarantee the security or availability of user content transferred or stored through the website and gives no guarantee that access to or use of the website will be monitored.

You are responsible for the information you post or share. To the extent permitted by law, Xilinx is not responsible for User Content. The software on the Xilinx product download site is subject to strict licensing and compliance export controls, so different security systems are integrated into our download site. For example: lmutil lmdiag -c %APPDATA%Xilinx lmutil lmdiag -c 1700@my_license_server New customers or customers who need an extension buy an edition of xilinx design tools…

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