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Klartext | Collective Agreement Local 40
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Collective Agreement Local 40

Collective Agreement Local 40

24.02 It is agreed that, where a vehicle or kilometre package is greater than that indicated in clause 24.01, another agreement between the Board of Directors and a group of its employees is provided for in another agreement between the Board of Directors and a group of its employees, or if the Board of Directors authorizes by decision a vehicle or mileage package greater than that indicated above, the vehicle package or higher mileage applies to staff, who are covered by this Agreement. 14.01.10 The continuation of supplementary benefits in the event of activity beyond eight (8) weeks after the date of birth shall be subject to a medical certificate referred to in paragraph 12.06 of this Agreement. § Any part-time employment is treated as a separate entity, which receives the benefits and rights allowed for these specific EDI under the corresponding collective agreement, with the exception of the following exceptions: 3.05 No worker is required or permitted to enter into a written or oral agreement with the employer or trade union in contradiction with the terms of this collective agreement. 15.02 If the public holidays referred to in paragraph 15.01 fall on a worker`s day off and that day is not worked, a day of leave shall be granted to the worker on the next working day with normal pay instead of the leave if the schools are not in session, or one day before the annual leave shall be granted or added if they are in session. One day granted before the annual leave shall be subject to mutual agreement between the Committee and the Union on the date granted. As of January 1, 1 of each year, the Board of Directors will deposit into the Health Expense Account an annual amount of $750 for each authorized employee who is covered by this agreement and who is on the payroll on the first business day of the year. Beneficiaries will actively work in the workplace, maternity leave, paid sick leave, work allowance or extended disability. 15.05 The Management Board and the Union may conclude agreements for the exchange of daily allowances at the time of the extension of free time, in connection with general public holidays or for the creation of extended weekends. Any such agreement relates to a particular circumstance. 14.03.3 If both parents are permanent employees of the Board of Directors and are covered by this Agreement, one or both parents may take parental leave.

The Parties agree that the following guidelines will be used for the establishment of a division for facility operators in accordance with Article 22. These directives may be extended by mutual agreement to ensure that staff are included in the relevant age list, but all measures must comply with Article 6. The Calgary Board of Directors of Education and CUPE Local 40 agree to establish a joint committee to review expectations for work in detention. The Committee shall be composed of two (2) members from each Contracting Party and shall commence its work no later than two (2) months after the date of ratification of this Collective Agreement. In carrying out its work under this Memorandum of Understanding, the mandate of the Committee shall be as follows: the contribution to the health expenditure account shall be prorated for staff occupying a post of less than one full-time equivalent (1,0 FTE) covered by this Agreement and appearing on the list of salaries on the first working day of each calendar year. . . .

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