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Klartext | Brand Use Agreement Sample
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Brand Use Agreement Sample

Brand Use Agreement Sample

If you share your ideas and assets with another company, you are taking a significant risk. So it goes without saying that you should do your research. Work with a licensee who specializes in using your brand – ideally, stay in the same area. Developing a foolproof licensing strategy ensures that your product is not only protected, but will also benefit your overall brand. Here are some steps to follow before creating a licensing agreement: As always, there may be drawbacks to success. Your brand may one day reach many people, or create too much activity, leading to counterfeiting attempts from other competitors. By allowing your brand at an early stage, you will learn to act proactively with safeguards to protect your intellectual property. There are many ways in which a licensing agreement can significantly increase your business, including: It can be beneficial for everyone whether the licensee hires partners or negotiators. It increases the scope of the product and total revenue, but it could also result in profit transfers and brand damage, as these related companies may not be as cautious with brand considerations as the taker. As a result, most licensees are subject to membership or under-distribution requirements.

They can be as easy as requiring authorization before hiring negotiators, or as strict as those external companies tied to signed a separate agreement. Excellent models, such as ours, which are imitated by Fortune 500 brand holders – can give you a definite advantage by providing examples of clause clauses for advantageous positions. Our trademark licensing model, designed by lawyers, includes 2 licenses/intellectual property – a shorter 16-page document for smaller, less complex contracts and a 40-page document longer for longer, more complex agreements. Both are modelled on the contract line of Newell-Rubbermaid, a leading provider of brand licensing. It depends on the type of product category and the brand that is granted. In general, the licensee`s main concern is to generate revenue while protecting the brand from anything that could tarnish it, such as product quality or other concerns about the relevance of the brand. The value of the brand takes years to build, but only days to destroy. Start and End Date – Calculate and indicate when the agreement will come into effect and when the terms will expire.

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